Cowboy .45 Special Carrier by The Smith Shop

Cowboy .45 Special Carrier by The Smith Shop
This carrier allows the use of Cowboy .45 Special (or Russian, or .45 ACP as well as .45 Blank) ammo in appropriately chambered rifles. The Cowboy Carrier includes a innovative pivoting, action cartridge stop that is so slick in action, you won't know it is there. There is a version for the '66 and '73 rifles, as well as a '60 Henry version.
Owners of '66 rifles take note. No more broken ladles with this design, as the cartridges don't slam into the ladle, but rather, come to rest against a positive stop as shown above. Price is $169.00
We had issues transferring the instructions, they will be posted soon. 
Please contact Bill English aka Happy Trails SASS#4461 to purchase this fine carrier.
Bill English - or 401-864-2348