Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit for Uberti 1873, 1866 shooting .38 special Cowboy Gunworks 18,20,24″


Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit Uberti 1873, 1866 .38 special Cowboy Gunworks



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Even if your rifle has been slicked up, do you ever notice a slight “hitch” in the action?

Well Cowboy Gunworks has the answer why and the solution.

The Uberti rifles are made with the same sized magazine tube for both the .45 Colt and the .38 Special/.357 Magnum.  The result is that when the .45 Colts are loaded into the magazine they line up pretty well.


However in your .38 Special rifle they look like this:

Wedging and hang-ups can occur and that results in the hitch in the action.


With the Cowboy Gunworks Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit your .38 Special cartridges line up like this:

The Cowboy Gunworks Smooth Cycle Sleeve Kit contains a precision aluminum sleeve tube, a stainless steel magazine spring, and a precision stainless steel follower.


The Kit is an easy drop-in installation.  Simply remove the Magazine End Cap.  Remove the old spring and follower.  Drop in the Smooth Cycle Sleeve aluminum tube then drop in the stainless follower followed by the new stainless magazine spring and re-install the End Cap.

The photo demonstrates the proper way to measure the barrel length on your Uberti Rifle for the ‘Smooth Cycle Sleeve’. Drop the tape measure on top front of the carrier as shown and measure to the end of the barrel.

How to measure for the tube ...

We provide the Smooth Cycle Sleeve for Uberti rifles with a nominal 20″ barrel.  It appears that Uberti although advertising their rifles as 20″ for example varied the length slightly for each US distributor so there is no consistent barrel length (and therefore no consistent magazine tube length.)
So we chose the longest 20″ (and 24″) barrel length and manufacture the Smooth Cycle Sleeve for that.  That way a customer with any 20″ on down to 16″ can simply trim the aluminum Sleeve to suit their particular rifle.
One simply removes the existing Magazine Spring and Follower and drops in the new Smooth Cycle Sleeve aluminum tube.  Mark the Smooth Cycle Sleeve tube at the end of the Uberti Magazine tube.  Remove the aluminum Smooth Cycle Sleeve tube and remark it 1/4″ shorter (for room for the end cap).  Cut the aluminum Smooth Cycle Sleeve tube and reassemble with the new Stainless Follower and Stainless Spring.  Reinstall the magazine end cap.

Price  —————————————————–$79.00



Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 19.5 × .75 × .75 in

20", 18", 24"


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