Slix-Sizer Shotshell fixer for crimped hullls – double barrel and pump shotguns


Slix-Sizer Shot shell fixer for crimped hullls – double barrel and pump shotguns

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Use just prior to loading shells in belt before each shooting stage.

A simple device to avoid Highly Potential Catastrophes!

The infamous “Stuck Hull” in double barrel shotguns!

Avoid this: (those unsightly and chamber-stick-prone flared crimps)

SliX-Sizer Shotshell Crimp Improved

Notice how the crimp points “unfold” after loading?

No matter how nicely your shotshell loader makes a fine product, there is no avoiding the “re-swelling” of the mouth of re-used hulls after they have been stored for even a few weeks.

So, fix it just before filling your belt at each stage with the proper tool.

Fix it with: The handy SliX-Sizer.  A shotshell sizer for both double barrel and pump shotguns.

A new innovation for complementing a decrease in stuck hulls for shotguns during competition and practice.  At the same time improving the loading efficiency for feeding ammo into the chamber.

Unlike some of our other products, this is a use at your pleasure unit.  No fitting or tuning should be required unless you have modified your loader, lost the use of one hand or turned lazy.  This product can prove to decrease stuck hulls in your shotgun.

To use, merely insert the mouth of a hull and twist while applying a slight pressure.  It is most successful when used just prior to loading your shell belt at the stage.

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