Palo Verde Reduced Tension Spring Kit Rossi Model 92 Rifle 1892


A Complete Kit!
Includes: 5 premium quality springs, tension adjusters, pictured instructions, and action smoothing tips!

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Reduced Tension Rossi Model 92 Spring Kit

By: Palo Verde

Fits Rossi Model 92’s in .38/.357, .45LC, 44-40 and .44 mag.

A Complete Kit!
Zinc-coated steel springs, nylon bushings/washers. Kit contains hammer spring, lever-plunger spring, (2) white hammer spring bushings, (2) blue hammer spring bushings, (4) red adjuster washers, and instructions.



1) Main Spring adjustable to 5 different tensions with about an 8% change in spring tension between settings and allows for fine adjusting of mainspring tension for individual guns and ammo.

2) Two ejector springs — one stronger than the other.  This allows one kit to serve both small and large calibers and allows for individual adjustment.

3) Springs are zinc coated to resist corrosion.

4) Spring ends are closed and ground square to sit flat and square against other parts in the gun.

5) The nylon bushings maintain spring alignment on both ends of the hammer strut, reduce friction, and provide an easy way to adjust the tension without cutting coils.

6) Parts are color coded for easy instillation.

7) This is the only Rossi ’92 Spring Kit that comes with complete, pictured instructions and “action smoothing tips.” 


Warning: A competent gunsmith only should install these parts. All products are sold as is and without any warranty. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from the improper installation or use of these products.

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