Leather Lever Wrap for Lever Action Rifles w/ DVD Uberti, Henry, Winchester, Marlin


Palo Verde Re-lacing kit for all Lever Wrap Kits.



Leather Lever Wrap for Lever Action 1866, 1873 Winchester and Uberti, 1860 Henry w/ DVD

Finest Lever Wrap available!

Comes with:

  • Four-piece lever wrap of the finest quality American veg-tanned leather
  • DVD instructional video showing how to install your lever wrap correctly
  • Strong synthetic Lace with a nylon core, finished on both sides so it looks nice when using the baseball stitch and the exposed side of the lace changes with each stitch.
  • Two lacing needles.

Custom fitted for the lever on your model rifle because one size lever wrap does not fit all levers.

We now have a  “Big Loop,” for John Wayne style Levers, model BL

The first accessory for any lever action rifle should be a wrap for the lever. The design of this wrap began in 2004 when The Chuckwalla Kid (SASS Overall World Champion, 2007) described what he thought was needed for running lever action rifles. The result is what we believe to be the very finest lever wrap available for competition, for hunting, or for target shooting. The engineered 4-piece construction of the Palo Verde wrap makes it unique and provides for a wide and stable platform for the backs of the fingers. The special construction makes the wrap wider than your lever and flat – providing more contact surface for your fingers. It does not slip, roll, slide or move in any way —providing for positive finger contact. And, although it cushions the backs of your fingers, it does not give that “spongy” feeling. We have been using this wrap on custom built rifles since 2005 but have only recently packaged it for retail sale. Many World and National Champion competitors use this lever wrap.

By Palo Verde Gunworks, LLC

Available Models:

  • Model: W73, Fits:
  •                                1873 and 1866 Winchester and Uberti,
  •                                1860 Henry, also fits
  •                                IAC and Chiapa 1887s
  • Model: M94, Fits:
  •                               Marlin 1894, 444, 336.
  •                               Rossi Rio Grande.
  •                               All Henry .22 cal. standard loop rifles
  • Model: R92, Fits:
  •                              Rossi 92, EMF, Uberti, Puma and Chiapa 92s.
  •                              Winchester 1892.
  •                              Taylor’s 1892.
  • Model: W94, FITS:
  •                             Winchester 94, 1894 and reproductions
  • Model: HBB, Fits:
  •                            Henry Big Boy and
  •                            Henry 30-30 and 45-70.
  •                            Marlin 45-70.
  • Model: BL, Fits:
  •                           Henry Big Boy with “Large Loop” Lever
  •                            Henry 45-70 with “Large Loop” Lever
  •                            Marlin 45-70 with “Big Loop” Lever e.g.
  •                             Model 1895SBL, 1895TSBL, 1895GBL, etc


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × .5 in

W73, M94, R92, W94, HBB, BL, RLK


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