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 We specialize in Cowboy Action Gun Parts for Cowboy Action Shooters.
Uberti 1873, 1866, 1860 Henry, Rossi, Marlin, IAC 1897 and Winchester 1897.
The gun parts we sell are mostly new parts, manufactured by Cowboy Action Shooters / Gunsmiths that know what you need to make your guns run better and faster.
We are authorized dealers for Evil Roy Shooting School, Cowboy’s and Indian, The Smith Shop, Palo Verde, Sure Hit, Wild Bodie Tom and more!  We also buy and sell Silver and Gold Jewelry, Antiques, and Collectibles. We are dealers on eBay and at Durango Antique Market. Please check our eBay Store regularly. For the next few weeks we will be selling a small collection of Antique Cast Iron Toys – AC Williams, Hubley, Kenton and Wyandotte.
We are always looking for CAS gun parts to add to our website.
Uberti is sold under the names of Cimarron Firearms, Taylor and Company Firearms, EMF, and Navy Arms.

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